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Self Storage Units Newmarket

Hey, are you NEW to the storage MARKET in Ontario? Or looking to MARKET your NEW storage facility? Ok, ok, we’ll stop. Enough cheesiness. But hey, we got your attention, right? Here at FindStorageFast we want to help you jumpstart your search for self storage unit in Newmarket.  And we can do that by showing you some great storage facilities in Newmarket and the surrounding area, that can help meet your needs.>

Cheap Storage in Newmarket - The Price is Right

Here at FindStorageFast, we know the first thing that usually prevents people from trying something out is cost. Whether its student storage in Newmarket or just storage on a budget, thankfully, you can find cheap storage in Newmarket and the surrounding areas. Say you’re looking for a place to store your supplies for the Music in the Park event. You only need say, a 5’x5’ unit and you just don’t have room in your current living space. Northern Self Storage at 122 Bales Drive East has a great little 5’x5’ or 5’x10’ storage unit with the lowest rate of that size storage unit. When you rent online you save 10%. And you can save even more if you spread the word! For every referral form you fill out, they’ll give you up to $100 off your next month’s rental. Now that sounds good to us!

Find Newmarket Storage - Let’s Talk Convenience

When you put something in storage, whether it’s a heavy item or an item that you may need to get at the next week, you want accessibility in your Newmarket self-storage facility. What does accessibility look like in storage? To FindStorageFast accessibility has two main faces – drive-up and 24-hour. Apple Self Storage, with two great locations - on the corner of Davis Drive and Harry Walker, just west of the 404, and 31 Bales Drive West, offers both these great amenities. First off – 24 hour access. Ever had one of those moments where you suddenly need something and you have no idea where you’ve put it? You go hunting around your house only to realize you packed it away in your storage unit. It’s 10 pm at night and you need to get into your storage unit. No worries at Apple Self Storage because you have full access to your storage unit all day, every day. Phew. You just saved yourself a lot of stress and time. Now let’s look at drive-up access. Apple Self Storage has two indoor loading bays and a dock-level loading bay for transport trucks. This can make all the difference when you’re lugging some furniture or large items into your storage unit. Trust us!

Newmarket Self Storage - Question and Answer

And now for a couple miscellaneous storage suggestions. #1 – We recommend a storage unit in Newmarket that offers climate control. For those heat waves and blizzards that Newmarket sometimes randomly decides to entertain, we recommend you select a Newmarket self-storage facility that offers climate controlled units, so you can keep them as hot or as cold as you prefer. #2 – On our FindStorageFast map you can see that if you’re in the surrounding areas, close by to Newmarket, there are plenty of other facilities to choose from, should you need a storage unit closer to your home or work.

Well there you have it – the FindStorageFast guide to finding self-storage in Newmarket. We hope your time on our website has been well-spent and that you feel much better about finding a possibility in storage that is right for you!

The FindStorageFast Team